HALCO fasteners ensure facility management companies and cleaners can be more efficient and productive with equipment that is easy to maintain and fast to replace.

Washable Hook & Loop Tapes for Cleaning Applications

With the increasing life expectancy in Europe and expanding older population, the demand for services provided by hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities is growing, along with the increasing need to keep bacteria under control. We help with products that ensure you are efficient and productive.

Where HALCO comes in

We work with many manufacturers of cleaning equipment, supplying hook and loop tapes across a diverse range of applications from mops to vacuum cleaners and everything in between.

Expert Manufacture

Often clients will be requiring unique solutions for their individual challenges. From our innovation centres across the globe we are able to produce bespoke products from concept to completion with unrivalled lead times, ensuring your teams have the flexibility they need to design and deliver innovative products in budget and on time.

Products for Cleaning Applications

Typically, cleaning products are used in environments that are often very wet and experience temperature fluctuations from very cold to very hot.  Our products are designed with all these variances in mind.

Featured Case Studies

A selection of projects using HALCO products.

Mopping up with HALCO

Un-brushed Loop for a demanding application

Innovation for the Cleaning Sector

Specialist Die-cut plastic hook solution

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