HALCO is a trusted supplier of transport fastening systems based on the Reclosable Hook and Loop technology.

Hook & Loop Fastenings for Transport Applications

We help designers and engineers create successful products in the transport industries. Our unique approach to each project ensures our solutions bring value to prominent global brands such as Tesla and Boeing.

Where HALCO comes in

We utilize advanced technology, employ innovative and proprietary techniques, and apply extensive industry experience to each project we undertake.

Expert Manufacture

Often clients will be requiring unique solutions for their individual challenges. From our innovation centres across the globe we are able to produce bespoke products from concept to completion with unrivalled lead times, ensuring your teams have the flexibility they need to design and deliver innovative products in budget and on time.

Products for Transport Applications

HALCO products are utilised across all sectors of the transport industry: automotive, aviation, marine and rail

Featured Case Studies

A selection of projects using HALCO products.


"A family-run business famous for its innovation, ambition and sheer hard work"

Climb aboard London's most iconic symbol

HALCO's Double-Sided VHB Adhesive Tape in the capital

HALCO Travelling at 190mph Worldwide

Celebrating 15 Years in the Motorsport Industry.

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