Baby, it's cold outside!

HALCO's Sew-On Hook & Loop Tape is used in a vast variety of applications, including children's winter clothing and equipment.

Winter can be a worrying time for first-time parents, and according to Janice Montague, MD, director of paediatrics at Good Samaritan Hospital in New York "newborns and infants do not yet have the ability to self-regulate their core temperature". This means that baby equipment and clothing must adhere to certain safety regulations, but also most importantly protect the child from the cold.

The number one tip for parents stated by Save The Children, is that of 'Think Layers', emphasising the role of high quality clothing and covers. Our Sew-On Hook & Loop Tape allows the baby blankets to attach and detach from other equipment such as strollers and carry cots. Our premium tape ensures that the product can undertake over 10,000 open/close cycle.

HALCO's Sew-On Hook & Loop Tape is available in a range of colours and sizes, see more here