Introducing a new innovation in food delivery

HALCO are enthused to have collaborated with The Beefy Boys, a restaurant who received the highest ever score recorded at The World Food Championships 2015.
HALCO are able to design and innovate packaging for transportation use. Our new concept of creative packaging and transport promises to deliver fresh food straight to your doorstep, beating all other kinds of delivery services - making waiting for food, a thing of the past.
HALCO's Adhesive-Backed Hook & Loop tapes are coated with an aggressive rubber-based adhesive, ensuring high tack and adhesion, providing unbeatable strength.
Watch the video, and become part of the future today... 


Did we catch you out?! Whilst this was shot for our official April Fool’s prank in 2018, HALCO can design and create packaging for transportation. If you’re looking for an innovative and creative supplier to partner with, choose HALCO....and watch this space.