Airbus interior design supported by HALCO

On Monday, Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) launched its new Harmony interior design concept, featuring multiple VIP guest suites as well as a spacious central lounge.

Sylvain Mariat, ACJ's head of creative design announced:

"Our creativity needs to be unique to fit the needs of our customers, as befits a host receiving their guests in their 'world above the world.' "
HALCO are enthused to have its Fire Retardant Hook & Loop Tape within a range of Airbus models. The Hook & Loop Tape meets many industry Fire Retardant specification requirements, and a complete certification is available on request. 

Fire Retardant Hook & Loop Tape and Aerospace:

HALCO Hook and Loop products are used extensively in Aircraft interiors, from seat assembly and interior panels to cable management and insulation. Our products are coated with a Fire Retardant Treatment meeting the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency Certification Specification CS- 25 Clause 25.853(a)

Safety and reliability are of course key in this industry and HALCO continue to develop new solutions such as fire-retardant adhesive backings for the Hook and Loop Tapes. 

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