Sprouts for Socks

On 17 December, the HALCO team came together to support Hereford Open Door,  a charity supporting the homeless and people in need.

The competition was simple: throw the sprouts in the stocking and the team which got the most sprouts in the stocking wins.  However, there was a catch...the losing team had to eat a raw sprout each!
Team Dasher lost by just 2 sprouts and were left with an unpleasant taste in their mouths by all accounts.  
The event was a resounding success and we were left with a generous pile of new socks donated by our participating staff.
Hereford Open Door do some wonderful work in the community by providing a hot breakfast and a packed lunch to the homeless and people in need, including those in temporary or sub-standard accommodation, and also provide somewhere where people can meet their friends in a friendly welcoming environment.
Laundry and shower facilities are available. They also keep a stock of clothes, shoes, sleeping bags and tents.  There is no charge for these services.
We trust our sock donations provide some wamth to some less privileged persons this Christmas and we look forward to further supporting this charity in the future!
Can you help?  Visit www.herefordopendoor.org.uk and show your support today.