A Sustainable Solution

A Sustainable Solution

Are you still using single-use plastic cable ties?

In an increasingly connected world the use for cable ties is always on the climb.  However, there is only 1 sustainable solution…

The Hook & Loop Cable Tie

These environmentally-friendly, reusable straps provide an extremely tidy solution for bundling and securing cables.

Did you know…The cable management market was valued at USD 16.19 billion in 2017, and is expected to reach a value of USD 30.81 billion by 2023!

Cable management involves management installation of cable-securing equipment for cables used in various verticals, including IT, power and communications.  The deployment of high-capacity networks have resulted in complicated cable installations across many verticals, thus the need for proper management systems has become important. This growing need for cable management systems has pushed companies to offer different kinds of solutions, thus driving the overall market.

With growing investments in various sectors, organizations are now focusing on renovating and upgrading existing infrastructure to build better support for operations. This coupled with the demand for high-speed connectivity means the deployment of new cables to support communication services is resulting in high demand for cable management solutions.

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