Berlin Police Force Supplied By HALCO

Berlin Police Force recently changed their uniform colours, and we are enthused to have been a part of the modification.

Berlin Police Force, the fourth biggest in the world (by city), have recently changed their colours from Forest Green to Silver and Navy. This is because most European countries have blue police uniforms, so therefore most German states, as well as the federal police, are introducing newly designed dark blue uniforms to conform with the common blue image of the police in Europe.

HALCO’s Sew On Fire Retardant Hook & Loop Tape, meeting many industry Fire Retardant specification requirements, is used throughout the new uniform’s jackets and trousers.

In line with the uniforms, police vehicles and various items of equipment are also changing colour from green to blue.

Our adhesive backed range is applied with a non-flammable coating – this Hook & Loop is widely used throughout multiple industries and transport sectors from Insulation and HVAC to Aerospace and Rail.


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