Bouncing all over the world

Bouncing all over the world

Did you know that HALCO’s Polypropylene Webbing is used in trampoline parks worldwide? 

Trampolining, an official Olympic sport, made its first appearance at the 2000 Games in Sydney. But, trampolines were first invented in the 1930s in an effort to train astronauts.

The trampoline park phenomenon began in America, where the first park opened in 2004, and has seen year-on-year growth, with the first UK trampolining site, Bounce, opening in 2014. Since then, almost 200 have been built across the country at an estimated cost of £400 million.

This annual growth has produced an opening for HALCO’s products within the industry, with a popular product being our Polypropylene Webbing.

HALCO’s Webbing comes in an extensive range to service a spectrum of industries. Furthermore, our Design & Innovation Team also work to unique customer requirements to provide outstanding solutions.

Additional products used within the trampolining industry include –


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