Formula 1

Formula 1

For 67 years, F1® racing, the pinnacle of motorsport, has thrilled audiences all over the world. Drawing on a rich heritage that has a global resonance associated with precision, excellence, innovation, bravery, and no shortage of glamour, it has introduced us to iconic legends, fuelled some of the greatest rivalries in sport and provided high-octane theatre-on-wheels.

It has compelled, delighted and intrigued in equal measure, leaving us with defining moments etched indelibly in the minds of fans all over the world.

Formula 1® racing is the ultimate test of man and machine – pushing car and driver to their absolute limits in pursuit of one simple goal: speed. 

F1® is about evolution and striving for perfection, because 1000ths of a second really do make the difference. After 900 Grand Prix races in more than 30 countries, competing in the FIA Formula One World Championship in 2017 is a very different prospect to when the Championship launched in 1950, in the days of open cockpits, no seatbelts and goggle visors.

HALCO shares many of these same qualities such as precision, excellence, innovation and striving for perfection in our company, our products and our culture.

It is hardly suprising then that we are privileged to supply thousands of metres of Hook & Loop Tapes and Adhesive Tapes into this thrilling sport.  Our products are known for their extreme durabilty and are capable of enduring intense heat and phenomenal speeds…why choose any other brand?

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