We are enthused to announce that HALCO’s prestigious Hook & Loop Tape is being used in some of the most leading aircraft which regularly carries some of the most renowned and famous individuals.

Did you know? Over 113,000 flights take place each day worldwide.

This vast figure means that the requirements for materials for such transport must include being able to endure and sustain certain conditions, without wearing.

Our Hook & Loop Tape is acclaimed for its durability and its non-weathering features, including 10,000 open/close cycles, and we pride ourselves in this attribute.

Our products which are present in the Aerospace Industry, are coated with a Fire Retardant Treatment meeting the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency Certification Specification CS- 25 Clause 25.853(a).

The United States and Europe control roughly 89% of global commercial aerospace industry production and the strong presence of HALCO in both these regions ensures we are the partner of choice.

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