Hook & Loop Tape in Space

Hook & Loop Tape in Space

Have you ever thought about how frustrating weightlessness must be?  British astronaut Tim Peake spent 6 months in space and one surprise turned out to be the maddening way things get lost in microgravity. “It can be very frustrating at times,” said Peake.

“I’ve certainly lost a few things; thankfully most of them I’ve found again, but it’s very easy to put things down and to turn around and then they’re not there. Everything floats away. So Hook & Loop Tape is everywhere on the space station to try to keep control of things.”

Almost every task on the space station is carefully scripted and astronauts have a schedule list written by teams at mission control setting out every activity, step by step.

Even so, things still sometimes go off-track. In particular, most astronauts spend their first few days on the space station losing stuff. Everything they use has to be constantly secured using one of the many pieces of Hook & Loop Tape, Clips, Magnets, Duct Tape, or Elastic bungees!

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