Climb aboard London's most iconic symbol

Climb aboard London's most iconic symbol

London double-decker buses have arguably become a national symbol of Britain.

The next time you’re using public transport in the capital, look around for HALCO’s Double-Sided Acrylic Adhesive Tape.

HALCO X-Series tapes are double-sided acrylic foam tapes with super-strength adhesive power. Available in three different colours: grey, white and clear, the tapes are suitable for varying applications.

One of the most notable features of the Double-Sided Tape is that it is both weather & solvent resistant.

Did you know? The first double-decker Omnibus was manufactured in 1847 in the U.K. It was horse drawn, typically by three horses, with an open upper deck that did not have a roof. The upper deck was half the price of the lower, covered deck.

Today, Londoners can take advantage of unlimited bus travel for an hour for just £1.50, known as “The Hopper Fare”. This change was introduced last month by Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London.


HALCO’s commitment to adhesive solutions has led them to supply some of the most prestigious manufacturers of vehicles/transport. Whether the application is a hidden hook and loop fastening on a seat or a die cut very high bond tape for a permanent bumper fixing, HALCO will work directly, or partner with an OEM to provide infallible solutions. Manufacturing techniques are also changing rapidly, with HALCO leading to provide tapes that reduce the cost and time of assembly.

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