HALCO supplies specialist X-ray equipment

HALCO supplies specialist X-ray equipment

Certain X-Ray equipment is crucial for radiology professionals, and therefore must be manufactured and engineered to the highest standards. HALCO are proud to be part of this quality engineering process.

HALCO’s Hook and Loop Textile Fasteners are each manufactured to meet vital requirements.

Healthcare systems throughout the world are endeavouring to rise to the challenges that result from an ageing population, the growth in chronic diseases, and public expectations.

HALCO’s commitment to research and development ensures that innovation is kept as a never-ending goal.

HALCO’s innovative medical hook and loop solutions stem from its desire to serve persons in an individual way.  With plastic hook systems that can be wiped for hygiene reasons to elasticated soft loop material to ensure the comfort of the patient, HALCO’s range of medical adhesives and re-closable fastenings are at the leading edge.
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