HALCO takes flight in the Airbus A380

HALCO takes flight in the Airbus A380

The HALCO and Airbus collaboration continues after a recent interior contract awarded for the world’s largest passenger airliner.

“An A380 takes off or lands every two minutes”

HALCO’s Hook & Loop tape is the fastener of choice for Airbus’ interiors (read more from our most recent project here), and the Airbus A380 is the latest development.

The Airbus A380 offers a range of seating options to its travellers, including a spacious economy class featuring Airbus’ modern comfort standard of 18-inch wide seats. Airbus market a “spacious, comfortable interior that allows its operators to remain at the pinnacle of elegant air travel”, which reinforces the choice of using HALCO’s luxury products.

HALCO’s Sew-On Hook & Loop Tapes can be produced in a huge range of colours, making them a versatile and substantial fastener within a wide number of industries. This fastener is manufactured to undertake 1000’s of open and close cycles and can be used as an alternative to buttons, snaps and zippers.

With HALCO’s Hook and Loop products being used extensively in Aircraft interiors, from seat assembly and interior panels to cable management and insulation, many products are coated with a Fire Retardant Treatment. These meet the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency Certification Specification CS- 25 Clause 25.853(a).

Did you know? It takes 3,600 litres of paint to cover the 33,000 sq. ft. exterior of an A380.

Other products utilised within the Aerospace Industry include:


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