HALCO takes to the road with Aston Martin

HALCO takes to the road with Aston Martin

HALCO are enthused to be supplying the reputable luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin. The British company built its first car in 1914, and since then Aston Martin have become an acclaimed brand of superior motors.

Did you know? The name ‘Aston Martin’ was created because one of the founders, Lionel Martin, was a passionate driver and scored his very first victory at Aston Hill near Aston Clinton in 1913.

There have been over 60 different Aston Martin models produced since 1914, with further models due to be released in 2019 at the costly sum of US$3.2 million a car.

HALCO ensures that their Hook & Loop Tape meets the luxurious standards of such a prestigious brand.

HALCO and Aston Martin share a handful of attributes, from British production to reliable products. Here at HALCO we have built our reputation on the quality of products that we manufacture and produce, complementing that of Aston Martin’s ranking within the motor industry.

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