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Hook and Loop Fastening Solutions

HALCO is a leading manufacturer of high quality, bespoke hook and loop fasteners. Our wide range of products are available in multiple sizes, shapes and colours to suit your industry’s requirements. Alongside a truly customisable choice of sew-on hook and loop options, we offer adhesive backed, elasticated, back-to-back, heat resistant, fire retardant, and other specialist products for countless applications.

Hook and loop fasteners were designed to provide a reusable and durable bond between two strips of material. They are built to withstand high counts of opening and closing without causing damage to either the hook or loop during the process. As a result, our fasteners offer an extremely versatile fastening solution with applications across multiple industries.

Explore our selection of hook and loop fasteners below, or find out more about HALCO to learn how our design, innovation and people make us the leading choice.

Adhesive Fasteners

No mess, no fuss - simply stick it!

Self Adhesive Hook & Loop Fasteners are always a popular choice because of ease of application. All you have to do is peel away the release paper and press the hook or loop fastener in place.

Back-to-Back Fasteners

The Perfect solution for bundling, strapping, grouping, tying, packaging, sorting and much, much more.

HALCO Back-To-Back Fasteners with Hook one side and Loop the other create an easy to use, strong, reusable strap or tie.

Elasticated Fasteners

When some stretch is required!

These products engage similarly to any other Hook & Loop products and can be used in any application where greater flexibility is needed.

Fire Retardant & Heat Resistant

Reduce your risks without compromising on style!

HALCO Fire Retardant & Heat Resistant Fasteners are available to be applied either by sewing or stick-on and meet many industry Fire Retardant specification requirements.

Plastic Hook Fasteners

Broaden your fastening options with Plastic Hook Technology!

Technical extruded plastic hook system available in either Polyamide or Polypropylene with different hook styles depending on the desired aggressiveness. Plastic hooks exhibit varying peel and sheer strengths depending on the loop material used so user testing is recommended.

Sew On Fasteners

The original all-rounder!

HALCO Sew-On Hook & Loop tapes provide the perfect fastener when sewn onto fabric and can be used instead of buttons, snaps and zippers.

Speciality Fasteners

The opportunities are endless!

We identified a clear need for a specialist in the industry to help solve the challenges engineers and designers face selecting products. Our range of speciality fasteners is constantly evolving and expanding as we innovate and provide solutions for your individual needs.

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