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Self Adhesive Hook & Loop Fasteners are always a popular choice because of ease of application. All you have to do is peel away the release paper and press the hook or loop fastener in place.

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  1. Fire Retardant Adhesive Hook & Loop

    Fire Retardant Adhesive Hook & Loop

    HALCO Fire Retardant Hook & Loop adhesive-backed range is 100% polyamide with a fire retardant coating.

    Multiple sizes available

  2. Tack Down Hook & Loop

    Tack Down Hook & Loop

    HALCO is able to supply many products with a narrow strip of adhesive to hold it in place while it's being sewn

    Multiple sizes available

  3. WDF1 Film Weldable Hook & Loop

    WDF1 Film Weldable Hook & Loop

    HALCO WDF1 is a solvent free film designed for assembling textiles, synthetic leathers and other substrates including PVCs.

    Multiple sizes available

  4. Acrylic Adhesive Hook & Loop

    Acrylic Adhesive Hook & Loop

    HALCO High Bond adhesive hook & loop tapes are coated with an extreme acrylic adhesive suitable for high and low temperatures, UV light and outdoor applications.

    Multiple sizes available

  5. Self Engaging Fasteners

    Heavy Duty Self Engaging Fasteners

    HALCO heavy-duty plastic hook self engaging fastening system is ideal for industrial applications where a seamless hidden bond is required.

    Multiple sizes available

  6. Adhesive Hook & Loop Coins

    Adhesive Hook & Loop Coins

    HALCO uses specialist machinery to convert Hook & Loop tape into bespoke shapes and lengths to meet customers requirements. Coins per roll: 10mm: 1800 coins 13mm: 1500 coins 16mm: 1250 coins 19mm: 1100 coins 22mm: 1000 coins 33mm: 650 coins 45mm: 500 coins 80mm: 295 coins

    Multiple sizes available

  7. Weldable Adhesive Hook & Loop

    Weldable Adhesive Hook & Loop

    HALCO weldable Hook & Loop tape can be used in conjunction with a high-frequency welding machine to create a strong seamless bond.

    Multiple sizes available

  8. Standard Adhesive

    Standard Adhesive Hook & Loop

    HALCO general-purpose hotmelt rubber based adhesive system offers an instant bond for a wide range of applications.

    Multiple sizes available

  9. Premium Adhesive

    Premium Adhesive Hook & Loop

    HALCO Premium adhesive-backed Hook & Loop tapes are coated with a high coat weight aggressive hotmelt rubber adhesive, ideal for indoor use on smooth surfaces and for most general purpose applications.

    Multiple sizes available

9 products

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions about products in this category.

What is the difference between Standard Adhesive and Premium Adhesive Hook & Loop Fasteners?

Standard Adhesive Hook & Loop uses a general purpose hotmelt rubber adhesive system on a mixed grade Hook & Loop product whilst the Premium Adhesive Hook & Loop uses a high coat weight aggressive hotmelt rubber adhesive on a higher grade Hook & Loop product.

What is the main difference between rubber and acrylic adhesive?

Rubber adhesive products are usually less expensive and have a higher initial tack quality than acrylic-based adhesives, but rubber adhesive is more susceptible to moisture and high temperatures, which may cause it to break down over time. It is also not a good choice for use with solvents or chemicals that can wear away at the rubber. Rubber provides great adhesion on plastic items and in indoor situations where there is less of a chance of drastic temperature changes. Acrylic adhesive holds up well to moisture and can sustain drastic temperature changes as well as seasonal elements such as ultraviolet light and freezing conditions. It takes about 24 hours for an acrylic-based adhesive to completely bond to a surface. An excellent choice for rugged outdoor conditions and varying temperatures, acrylic is resistant to solvents and chemicals, making it a useful product for the industrial sector.