Keeping Thames Water running

Keeping Thames Water running

Thames Water operates across London and the Thames Valley supplying water services to 9 million customers and wastewater services to 14 million. 

HALCO are able to support this huge organisation with Hook & Loop tapes used on insulation jackets and covers.  Selecting the right material, fastening and construction is vital to ensuring optimum performance and life of the cover. Where regular maintenance is required the ease of removal and replacement are key factors in the insulation being replaced properly so that they function and look as good as they did after maintenance as they did on first installation.

Did you know… on average, each day the company supplies 2.6 billion litres of drinking water, and removes and treats more than 4 billion litres of sewage?  Thames Water operates and maintains 100 water treatment works, 30 raw water reservoirs, 288 pumping station, 235 underground service reservoirs and 32,000 kilometres of mains. For its wastewater services, assets include 350 sewage treatment works (including Beckton, the largest in Europe), 108,000 km of sewer, 2,530 pumping stations and 1.2 million manholes. Thames Water generates 176 GWh of renewable electricity, making it the largest generator of ‘green power’ within the M25.

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