Mopping up with HALCO

Mopping up with HALCO

Un-brushed Loop is a quick drying soft loop product specifically designed for applications that come in contact with water.

HALCO are pleased to be supplying this fantastic product to industry leaders in cleaning products and systems.  Thanks to the versatality of Hook & Loop systems, products such as microfibre floor cloths can be quickly and easily attached and removed from mops and steam cleaners.

Did you know…

  • In 2015 Europe’s businesses spent collectively more than $26 billion on rental equipment, a significant proportion of which is made-up by cleaning equipment hire.
  • Office cleaning accounts for 31% of all commercial cleaning industry revenue, which is estimated to total around £5.6 billion per year.
  • Around 448,400 people work in the UK’s contract cleaning industry within 32,000 different companies.

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