New year, tidy office...

New year, tidy office...


…Tidy desk, tidy mind…

Has your office had a revamp over the Christmas holidays? Or perhaps your company’s New Year’s resolution is to keep the office tidy?

HALCO Hook & Loop Cable Ties are reusable straps that are a tidy way to bundle and secure cables


Most companies enforce a ‘Tidy Desk Policy’ at the beginning of the year – which often goes out of the window by day 10!

With HALCO’s Hook & Loop Cable Ties you can ensure that cables are stored safely and neatly to reduce any unnecessary mess.

A study of 400 managers and employees over a number of years at a New York firm, HLW International, concluded that staff are more productive in clean offices.

HALCO’s Hook & Loop Cable Ties are available in 3 different stocked lengths to meet every requirement, with next day delivery possible. They are a quick and effective solution to messy and unorganised office cables.

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