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    How Is Hook And Loop Used In Cars?

    Hook and Loop is a less obvious technology used in cars, and must continue to complement innovation in the automotive industry.

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    Hook & Loop: A Friend Through Life

  3. Product News

    How Does Hook and Loop Work?

    Hook and loop is an extremely versatile fastening solution that is used in virtually every industry, from textiles to medical equipment.

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    Signage for a Post-Covid High Street

    New rules and shopping habits have left the high street in a state of flux.

  5. Charity & Events

    New European Warehouse Opens

    Find out more about our new location in Germany

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    Product Video: High Bond Adhesive Hook & Loop Tape

  7. Videos

    Product Video: Mushroom Hook

  8. Videos

    Product Video: Hook & Loop Coins

  9. Videos

    Product Video: Tack Down

  10. Videos

    Bobbin Machine

  11. Videos

    Product Video: Fire Retardant Hook & Loop Tape

  12. Videos

    Product Video: Elasticated Loop

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