Discover Coversafe™

Discover Coversafe™

Coversafe™ is a self-adhesive film with outstanding anti-microbial properties. It can be easily applied to all types of surfaces, such as tables and door handles. Effective against viruses, bacteria, yeasts and moulds, Coversafe™ strongly limits the spread of viruses and bacteria and protects humans.  Click here to view the Product Page.

Features & Benefits

The Coversafe™ adhesive film has major advantages:

  • a continuous triple protection (24 hours a day): viruses; bacteria; yeast and moulds
  • a rapid action
  • a permanent and stable action over time (technology validated for 4 years of continuous use, without loss of efficiency)
  • a natural and biocompatible technology: safe for the skin
  • discreet once applied (thin, transparent and matt)
  • easy installation and removal without residue
  • can be cleaned with common cleaning products (soap, bleach, disinfectant) without degradation of the antimicrobial activity


The Coversafe™ adhesive film is intended for all sectors: retail stores, companies, nurseries, schools, administration, hospitals, retirement homes, clean rooms for the medical industry and others.

It can be applied, among others, on tables (meeting, catering, offices), counters/cash counters, door handles, switches, banisters, handrails, automatic terminals and payment terminals.

We all have the same objective: make the environment around us safer against risks of microbial contamination.

Thanks to Coversafe™, it is now possible to drastically reduce the tactile transmission of viruses and bacteria in public areas!

Case Studies

Coversafe™ film at a Restaurant

Coversafe™ film at a Nursery School

Coversafe™ film at a Marine Centre

What can you do to protect the people around you?

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