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    The HALCO Company Video

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    Simple Discovery. Essential Innovation.

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    Hook & Loop: A Friend Through Life

  4. Videos

    Introducing A New Innovation In Food Delivery

  5. Product News

    Discover Coversafe™

    A revolutionary antimicrobial protective film!

  6. Product News

    Back-to-Back Innovations

    Creative customers utilise our versatile product

  7. Product News

    Face Shield Manufacturing

    We understand the critical PPE needs that medical & healthcare workers are facing across the globe and we are here to do our bit. Investment in a new production line at our headquarters in the UK means we are now...

  8. Product News

    Face Shields, Masks and Gowns for Coronavirus (COVID19)

    We are here to help you

  9. Product News

    Covid-19 Protection Screens

    Protecting staff in retail environments

  10. Case Studies

    HALCO in motion with Peugeot

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eget enim molestie ultricies etiam dictum consequat hendrerit…

  11. Case Studies

    Mopping up with HALCO

    Un-brushed Loop for a demanding application

  12. Charity & Events

    Advanced Basecamp

    Project ASCENT - Strategy Meeting 2020

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