Supreme products for extreme sports

Supreme products for extreme sports

Extreme sports are a worldwide phenomenon and global thrill-seekers take part in skydives, parachutes, base jumps and much more on a daily basis, with approximately 3.1 million skydives occurring annually.

HALCO are enthused to be supplying into the increasingly popular industry.

Did you know? The world’s oldest skydiver is 101-year-old, Verdun Hayes, from the United Kingdom.

Most Extreme Sports often involve extreme weather conditions, and pivotal requirements for fastening systems must be met and adhered to.

HALCO Plastic Hook Systems are waterproof, hygienic and low profile when used in conjunction with a low profile loop system or non-woven product. This allows for the product to provide a substantial fastening within the industry of Extreme Sports, which can often involve water-based activities.

HALCO Sew-On Hook & Loop tapes provide the perfect fastener when sewn onto fabric and can be used instead of buttons, snaps and zippers. The variety of colours available from HALCO ensures that the fastener is camouflaged, alongside being hidden as a sewn-on fabric fastener, increasing popularity. 

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