Take your first steps with HALCO.

Take your first steps with HALCO...

Did you know? Kids’ feet endure about three times more stress than the average adult foot. This means that it is essential for children to have durable shoes which can tolerate high impact activities. Our Hook & Loop is renowned for its durability and its non-weathering features, including 10,000 open/close cycle which is of course important for footwear.

Our premium Sew-On Hook & Loop tape is trusted by a large children’s shoe manufacturer in Eastern Europe, who supply shoes worldwide.

The availability of HALCO’s extensive colours has allowed for the Hook & Loop Tape to be used in over 100 different models across all different Winter and Summer fashion styles.

It takes up to 20 years for the foot to fully develop, emphasising the importance to buy and wear good, sturdy, shoes when growing up.

See our extensive range of coloured Hook & Loop tape here.